The Homage Tire - Brown x Black


This brown sidewall of Homage tire has the same highly-durable specification, anti-flat casing as the Panaracer 'Gravel King series has. Due to our manufacture Panaracer has changed the brown sidewall of Gravel King, the brown sidewall of Homage tire has been also changed as the attached photo above.

It is a magic that SimWorks meets Panaracer for sure.
A chemical change occurred in a progress we were working on THE HOMAGE project. The flagship production on Panaracer brand is ‘Gravel King’ as you already know and the cool part is not only on the coloring they have, but also highly-durable special specification, anti-flat casing is adopted. It is a special casing that has layers of blowout proof reinforcement materials and also prevent side cutting and pinch flat. Moreover, ZSG natural compound, which is based on a natural rubber having high impact resilience, is adopted and riding performance and durability is compatible together in a high level.


Wheel Size : 700c (622) & 650b (584)
Tire Width : 43mm
Bead : Aramid
Compound : ZSG Natural Compound
Weight : 550g (700c) / 520g (650b)
Casing : Anti Flat Casing

※ For compatibility with the rim, please click HERE for the size compatibility chart, and be sure to use the rim size within the applicable range.