RAL Cap (2023)

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Updated feature!

has been updated!

The 1st lot of RAL CAP had two metal eyelets on either side for a total of four ventilation spots.

We made it like this because of the equipment available at the hat manufacturer that was originally used.  We didn't want to use too much metal because we were concerned that it would hit your scalp when wearing a helmet. Which naturally, came to fruition.

The updated ventilation on the side of the new hats was designed to minimize contact with the skin, but our operators in Kobo made a worthy investment in some new equipment! We were contacted and opted to make a running change to the specification- opening the chrysanthemum hole and changing to stitches in this updated version

By expanding to 6 holes above your head, the breathability has been further improved, making it less stuffy! In addition, because it's a thread stitch, there is no longer a sense of discomfort.

It's a subtle change, but we always want to make it better! So please try our new RAL CAP!

Regular baseball cap style that can be worn everyday

Comfortable to wear without getting in the way even under a helmet

Drawcord back for easy adjustment

Quick-drying fabric for camping and hiking

Made Locally…

We would like to make what we want, within the visible range, with people we know well, and for RAL products made in Japan, the manufacturing process is carried out as much as possible in Aichi and Gifu prefectures. We are planning to manufacture locally.

This Cap was also made by a small hat workshop in Ichinomiya City, in Aichi Prefecture.

In the last 30 years, the landscape of manufacturing sites has changed dramatically, and many facilities in Japan have shuttered. However, in the area where we live, mainly in Gifu Prefecture, there is still a rich tapestry of clothing manufacturers within an hour's drive.

Bicycles are the best way to get around our town, and bike shops play a critical roll in fostering a local economy.  Since we were raised in such a culture, we would like to prioritize making products with manufacturers that are close to where we live and do business.  

This RAL CAP is a baseball cap full of our desires.


Material: 60% cotton, 40% nylon
Color: Navy, Red, Mustard, Khaki
Size: fits most
Made in Japan, Aichi , Ichinomiya