RAL Tonbo Jacket



The Cycling Jacket with a Dragonfly Soul

Dragonflies have lived on the earth for over 300 million years. In that time they've adapted and learned a thing or two. The field of view of the dragonfly exceeds 270 degrees, and its remarkable time resolution captures the world like stop motion. Choose to fly for sudden excursions or hover curiously. Our new winter jacket is a purpose-constructed cycling jacket, inspired by the mysterious and prehistorically descended Tonbo 

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Purpose built anatomical cut for cycling
With a clean silhouette, an articulated arm construction for time bent over the bike, Tonbo can play an active role in every scene from daily use in the city to cycling on holiday in the hills.

Soft-shell textile with water repellency and heat retention
Since the outer material is DWR treated, it has water repellency and water resistance. In addition, it has excellent antifouling properties and durability, so it can be used confidently in light rain or snow. The material can be spot cleaned easily.

Lining for Tonbo jacket uses high-density micro-fleece offering excellent heat retention- providing warmth even on the coldest and windiest days. The fabric offers ease of layering as well.

Long three-dimensional arm
Although the sleeves are slender, they have an articulated construction to provide less bunching in the elbow while riding.
The sleeves run slightly longer than a similarly sized garment, so even when you are in a riding position where you reach for the steering wheel, you can adequately cover your wrists without the sleeves riding up.

Sewn in to the cuffs are a soft polyester thumb hole yoke. For days when gloves are a little overkill, the added coverage on your wrists and palm area can make a world of difference in helping to keep warm. 

Dropped back hem
When you lean forward, the cold will be felt when your hips roll up. The Tonbo jacket has a long back length and is cut slim to fit around the waist so as not to bunch when bent over.

Adaptable double-zipper
Primary zipper uses a double zipper that can slide from above and below- it can be adjusted so that stress is less likely to be applied to the waist and abdomen when on the bike. The double zipper also comes in handy when wishing to dump heat trapped in the garment. Pit zips are a feature of the Tonbo jacket as well and offer an additional point to help increase air circulation and prevent the build up of warmer air inside the jacket during spirited rides or especially climbing. 

Cleanly shaped hood
The hood is shaped to help maintain peripheral vision while sufficiently covering the head. A draw cord provides an additional point of adjustment for securing the hood even more. 
Tonbo offers a high collar and a clean silhouette around the neck- helping to prevent drafts from entering and inflating the jacket while riding. 

Pockets on Tonbo are well thought out
The hand warmer pockets offer a welcome respite on colder days, while a chest pocket allows for a point of isolation for objects you wish to keep close at hand. Perhaps a highlight of many a purpose built cycling jacket is a substantially sized back pocket- an excellent place to secure additional personal items. 

Tonbo's overall clean silhouette matches not only casual outfits, but also racer-style outfits such as bib tights.


*Sizing is Japanese. For US and EU customers, perhaps reference a known garment to compare dimensions- as indicated below

Charcoal, Olive Drab, Mustard, Turquoise

Nylon : 100%
・Made in Japan 

Length (Back Body)
69 71 73 75 77
Chest (Circumference) 116 120 124 128 132
Waist  (Circumference) 103 107 111 115 119
Hem (Circumference) 98 102 106 110 114
Sleeve length 83 85 87 89 91
※ Finished dimensions (cm)
※ The above numbers reflect garment measurements with laid flat, not your body measurements.

Left: Khaki / Height: 170cm, Weight: 60kg / Wearing a size Small
Center: Charcoal / Height: 170cm, Weight: 63kg / Wearing a size Medium
Right: Red / Height: 179cm, Weight: 67kg / Wearing a size Large