T.A.F.U.2 Screen Print


  A restless painter and he also works as a translator for SimWorks. He used to be a graffiti writer and bike messenger in the states. Collaboration with a lot of huge brand, such as NIKE, LEVI’S, PUMA, and more… and he shows his works world widely: North America, France, Canada, China, and Australia so far.

  He says, "In our up-down life, you have at least one deadliest moment that seems you can't get away from. Probably more than once in your life. However, when the time you go over those hells, or I could say that the more you confront those moments, the strongest you are becoming then you feel something cored brightness in your strong mind. Getting stronger and stronger, then you might reach the point that you feel happy every moment you feel alive. Why don't we get Totally All Fooked Up to reach a hermit level?". 

  These monsters, hiding in your mind, look very cheerful but at the same time have true darkness in their minds as if they represented your thoughts.

  This hand-made poster is silk screened at the printing studio in Portland, OR.

  6 colors, 50 pieces Limited Edition  (25 pieces only in US) , coming with serial number and artist's signature on.

   Size : 18 x 24 inches (46cm x 61cm) 

* Frame is not coming with the print.